Now You Can Manage And Control Your Own Fully Automated AI + RPA Client Acquisition Platform.

Finally, A Dedicated SaaS Platform That Enables Consultants To Transform Their Own Business!


Now You Can Manage And Control Your Own Fully Automated AI Client Acquisition Platform.

Finally You Can Transform

Your Own Business!



You have mastered the art of transformation and all you want to do now is help as many organisations as possible and get rewarded well for it. The question is ...


Client HQ is more than a SaaS product. It’s a virtual intake specialist and a full lead conversation system that efficiently and effectively nurtures your leads to the dotted line, sometimes while you're fast asleep in bed.

Six Critical Success Factors For Your Transformation Consulting Business ...

1) Your Transformation Knowledge, Expertise, And Experience Are Very Valuable And In High Demand

This is the foundation upon which you will launch your own digital transformation and catapult your business to the forefront of modern economy business consulting.

Your years of hard work and expertise will be complemented by proven and powerful business development systems and a cutting edge software platform that you manage and control.

But there's always more to learn and Client HQ will help you.

2) Your Business Model(s)

Client HQ will capture and nurture your leads from LinkedIn, your web site, and anywhere else. Every lead will be automatically nurtured towards booking Zoom calls with you, moving them closer to becoming your clients.

Client HQ will also enable you to complement your consulting business model with a new digital business model, where you can sell online digital transformation training.

That will give you a new digital revenue channel, which supplements your consulting income. The system will then nurture your "digital customers" to become consulting clients.

3) Your Operating System

Client HQ is an all-in-one software platform using pre-configured AI, RPA and other technologies to provide a comprehensive set of tools for managing different aspects of your consulting business. It will simplify the process of growing your consulting business on autopilot.

Some key features include: Customer Relationship Management, Marketing Automation, Appointment Scheduling, Sales Pipeline Management, Website, Funnel and Landing Page Builder, Reporting and Analytics, Two-Way SMS and Email, WhatsApp, Missed Call Text Back, and more.

4) Your Clients

Clients are the lifeblood of your consulting business, especially if they are your primary source of income. Securing new clients and maintaining existing ones is essential for the financial health and stability of your consulting business.

Client HQ enables you to capture, nurture and generate an ongoing pipeline of clients.

By delivering exceptional value and building strong relationships with clients, consultants can create a thriving practice and a lasting impact on the organisations they serve.

5) You Help Clients Capitalise On Transformation Opportunities and Solve Problems

As a consultant, you play a critical role in helping clients address complex problems and capitalise on opportunities.

By leveraging your knowledge, expertise, and experience, you can make a significant impact on the organisations you serve.

Client HQ is the only system you need to help ensure you have enough of the right clients to serve - month after month, year after year.

6) Consultant Profitability

This refers to a consultant's ability to translate their expertise into a corresponding level of income and maintain a healthy profit margin while providing services to clients.

Profitability is crucial for the long-term sustainability and success of any consulting business.

Client HQ will enable you to power your marketing and business development using AI, and other new technologies which help you attract new clients and secure assignments.

The Digital Antidote To Cobbler's Children Syndrome

There is a phenomenon in the consulting industry known as "Cobbler's Children Syndrome", which is where consultants recognise the right course of action for their clients but fail to implement those same practices in their own business.

The term originates from the proverb "the cobbler's children have no shoes," which highlights the irony that professionals often neglect the very problems in their own domain (such as digital transformation) that they offer to solve for others.

In the context of transformation consultants, it implies that they may excel in advising clients on best practices, yet struggle to apply the same transformation principles and strategies in their own business.

Most consultants would not tell their clients that if they had a LinkedIn account, web site and network with others, all their growth problems would be solved. And yet this is all many consultants do in their own business.

This explains why many highly skilled consultants struggle to get clients that are prepared to pay well for their services. As a result, some find their income so low that they are often forced to work for the lowest rates or even return to employment.


Whether you are an independent consultant or own a consulting firm with up to 100 consultants, Client HQ provides you with the only software platform you need to avoid the consequences of Cobbler's Children Syndrome - and thrive.

The Ultimate Business Model For Transformation Consultants

Built By Transformation Consultants For Transformation Consultants

Fully Automated Funnels And Follow-Up Campaigns.

Your Own Platform To Use The Power Of AI And RPA To Build Your List And Get New Clients!

We specialise in helping transformation consultants do more of the work they love, with the very best clients. Get ready to start your own transformation by joining the wait list and be among the first to get invited onto the platform.

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